Airline Ticket Prices: Rising Across The Board

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What To Do About Rising Airline Ticket Prices?

Yes…prices are rising again on domestic airfaire in the USA.  Price hikes happened often in 2011.  The airlines raised domestic base fares nearly a dozen times last year (Usually citing rising fuel prices) as well as 3 times in 2012.

Fuel price is not the issue this time around as prices have dropped the past several months.  From April to July 2012, the spot-market price of jet fuel dropped 22 percent.  So if fuel prices are not the issue then why the price hike?

It started with a hike from United Airlines on Friday July 20, and others followed.   Over the past 2 days, several airlines decided to  match United Airlines’ increase in base fares of up to $10 per round trip within the U.S.   With so many airlines jumping on board with the price hike it looks like this price increase will stick.

What can you do about it?

1. The airlines will still promote deals.  For example, last week JetBlue sent me an email special for $39 tickets to Las Vegas.  I booked it, got a great hotel deal on, and will be going to the Jimmy Buffet concert in October!  So keep an eye out for special promotions on discount fares.

2. Use the “Travel Search Engine” at  If you need a flight or hotel, this service will search hundreds of different travel sites from Expedia to smaller travel agencies to find the best rates on your travel.  This is the easiest and most efficient method to counter the recent price hikes from the airlines.

Hunter Keay, an analyst for Wolfe Trahan & Co., said the air travel is still one of the great bargains out there. “Consumers have gotten a bargain deal for the last 30 years on travel. They’ve become spoiled,” Keay said. “On an absolute (adjusted- for-inflation) basis, airfares are still comically low.”

While the comment from Keay may be true…it sure shouldn’t prevent you from still getting the best deal on your flight.  And this is easy to do with  Just try it and compare it to any other site or online booking service out there.  Trust us…you’ll be impressed!

Save On Airline Ticket Prices Right Here:

Just visit and click on the “Flight Search” or “Hotel Search” and you’ll find the best price on your destination.




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