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Android Travel AppsOur “Travel Search Engine” app on Google Play was recently names as one of the “Best Travel Apps of 2014″.

The app allows you to use instantly search 100s of travel sites with one click.

Additional features include:

- Largest Inventory of Hotels – Our site & app offers more room options then any other travel booking sites or app.
- Great Rates – consistently posts the lowest rates of any travel site or app.
- Fast & Effective – One click is all it takes. You can instantly search 100s of different travel sites with 1 cick.
- “Total Cost” – We instantly posts your total cost for a hotel. You do not have to click or enter information to see the “Total Cost” including “Taxes and Fees”. It makes shopping for the lowest rates even easier.
- Find hotels near your current location. Open the app and find local hotel deals at any time.

- Same Day Hotel Deals – Book same day and save even more.
- Read guest reviews with maps and hotel details.
- Easily sort your results according to price, ratings, & location.



Why Does Our App & Travel Booking Site Rock?

We search more travel sites than any other site out there.  You’ve heard of Kayak?  Use Priceline?  Well…just do this: Do a rate comparison and compare the low rates on with any travel booking site or app.

Android Travel App

TAKE OUR CHALLENGE: Are you currently using another travel booking app?

We encourage you to simply compare our “Travel Search Engine” on our website or app right now to your current provider. You’ll see a clear advantage when using our service.

(Important Note: When comparing rates be sure to compare the TOTAL COST that you find instantly at BestTravelCoupon with the TOTAL COST on other travel sites & apps. For example, Priceline does not show the total cost including taxed and fees on a hotel.  You have to click 1-2 times before they show the total rate.)


You can check out some of the rate comparisons we found on This travel review site did 180 rate comparisons with Kayak, Priceline, and

Out of 180 searches, Kayak and Priceline combined to beat on only 5 out of 180.  Or less than 3%!

To see the full report of these rate comparisons visit:


The app on Google Play gives you all of the search function of our website plus some additional features you can only find on the app.




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