Best Hotels Under $100: New Site Will Focus On Hotel Deals

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How about a site that posts the “best hotels under $100″ in any city?

That’s the idea behind our new website.  It can be found at  The site focuses on the best hotels in the world for under $100.  The rates are based on the actual rates found on some of our discount hotel deals on

Some of the hotels may normally go for much more on the hotel site or other travel sites.

However, to make our site they must be listed for under $100 on

Here is a screenshot of the new site…


Click on one of the links such as “Orlando Hotels Under 100″ and you’ll find the best hotel deals in Orlando, Florida.   Here is an example of one deal listed on the site.  It’s for the Orlando Hotel:  The Peabody Hotel 

As you can see in the screenshot above this is a highly rated hotel with over 3000 guest reviews.  With a rating of 9.0 which places it in an elite category.  To sum it up, guests love this hotel.

And the price?  Comes in at a bargain when using  You can’t find a better combination of value and high end accommodations in Orlando, Florida.

Here is the direct link to the Hotel Details:  Click For Peabody Hotel Orlando

The Site:

The plan is to continue to develop new website pages and articles on every city in the World.  If there is a great deal on a hotel for under $100 (and some slightly over $100) then you’ll be able to find it here.  We will focus on the largest cities first and build the site on a daily basis with top hotel recommendations.  We’ll post summaries on the hotels along with actual rates and special deals.

We will also create an interactive forum for customer comments, feedback and suggestions.

Check out the site here:


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