Caesars Buffet Las Vegas: $17 Million?

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 Ceasars Spends $17 Million For Uber-Elite Buffet?

This idea is you can sample a wide variety of high end dishes that you find in upscale restaurants.

It isn’t just the food.

With $17,000,000 to spend they built a 25,000 square-foot buffet, which is almost half the size of a football field.  The new buffet can accommodate over 600 guests in sections that feature glass, wood and steel and offer stunning views of the Garden of the Gods pool complex at Caesars.


Some of the dishes include:

  • Prime rib
  • King crab
  • Dim sum
  • Sushi
  • Chocolate soufflés
  • Gelato,
  • Crème brûlée…..and much more.
How many items will they offer?
How about nine kitchens and chefs cooking up more than 500 dishes for you.  Will that work for the price of only $39.95?


We are offering the most items out of any buffet in Las Vegas,” said executive chef Scott Green, noting that the initial menu had close to 750 items, which he narrowed down to focus on the best selections.


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