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Expedia is certainly a well known travel website. They’re used by millions of people and have a large inventory of available hotel rooms.

Our website at BestTravelCoupon.com is a “Hotel Search Engine”. Expedia.com is one of the sites our website searches for the best hotel rates. Sometimes Expedia comes up with the best hotel deals. When they do…we post it for the users of BestTravelCoupon.com.

But…the questions to ask are:
1. Is using only Expedia.com the best option for your hotel search?
2. Are “Expedia Hotel Deals” the best deals out there?

Well…most of the time…Expedia does NOT have the lowest priced hotels. In fact, when you search for a hotel on our site you will usually see lower priced options with other travel sites.

We recently ran a test…We called it a “5 Room London Challenge”.

Expedia.com Hotel Deals vs BestTravelCoupon.com Hotel Deals

We searched in London for a 1 week stay from July 20-27, 2012. Then we randomly selected 5 hotel rooms(5 star to 3 star hotels)and compared prices between Expedia and BestTravelCoupon.com.

The first thing we noticed? BestTravelCoupon had over 80% more rooms then the total number of rooms Expedia offered in London. Expedia offered rooms at only 1002 hotels while BestTravelCoupon offered rooms at over 1800 hotels.

Here is a screenshot of the search results of both sites. You can see the number of hotels for each site.

BestTravelCoupon has more hotels

As you can see, the nod for most hotel options goes to BestTravelCoupon.com.

Now what about price?

BestTravelCoupon.com consistently beat the best prices at Expedia.com

Here is a table of our search results:


   London Hotel & Stars  Expedia.com     BestTravelCoupon.com   …And…The Winner Is…. Get Your London Hotel Deals Here
1 The Kensington Hotel
5 Stars
$2,708 $1,790    BestTravelCoupon by
close to $1000
Click For The Kensington Hotel
2 Courthouse DoubleTree By Hilton
5 Stars
$4,320 $2,133 BestTravelCoupon by
over $2200
Save Big – Double Tree By Hilton

Ascot Mayfair
4.5 Stars

$4,202 $3,473 BestTravelCoupon by
close to $800
Check Ascot Mayfair – London
4 Hotel Russell
4 Stars
$3,142 $1,694 BestTravelCoupon by
almost $1500
Hotel Russell Information & Rooms
5 London Elizabeth Hotel
3 Stars
$2,024 $1,822 BestTravelCoupon by
over $200
London Elizabeth Hotel – Discount

In each case, the lowest price was BestTravelCoupon.com. In some cases, the prices at BestTravelCoupon were 40- 50% lower. We’re talking thousands of dollars lower. If you are using Expedia.com this should be an eye opener for you.

Please keep in mind, we do search and post Expedia when they have the best price. However, with all 5 hotels we had better pricing then Expedia.

I did a little more searching. I wanted to find a search on BestTravelCoupon that showed an example of a London Hotel where Expedia shows up as one of the better prices from our search results. You can see a screenshot of this example below. The hotel was the “Ramada London Hyde Park”.

In the case of the Ramada, Expedia.com had one of the better prices. But…as stated above…in most cases Expedia did not have the lowest price.

We can summarize all of this by highlighting 3 benefits of using BestTravelCoupon.com over Expedia.com.

BENEFIT 1: BestTravelCoupon Offers More Hotel Options.
BENEFIT 2: BestTravelCoupon Consistently Has Lower Prices.
BENEFIT 3: If Expedia Has The Best Price We Will Post It.

In other words, don’t restrict yourself to one site. Allow us to search 100+ sites for you and post the lowest prices for hotels and flights.

The lowest price may be with Expedia.com. We’ll let you know where to find the lowest price. We’ll give you more options and lower prices then strictly searching on Expedia.com for “Expedia Hotel Deals”.

The bottom line for you: Using BestTravelCoupon.com could save thousands of dollars for you on your next hotel stay.

I hope this helps to explain the value of our service.

You can try your own search here:

Best London Hotel Deals
All Hotel Deals

And finally….

Please be sure to tell others about us. We love “Grass Roots” marketing.

Got anything to say? Go ahead and leave a comment!

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