20 Travel Sites Before Booking: Avoid This Nonsense

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Is your time valuable to you?

If it is there is one way to save your time when shopping for your travel.

According to Google.com, the “average travel customer makes 12 online searches and visits 22 sites” before booking their travel.    Wow….that’s a lot of time and effort wasted.  Are you in this group of consumers?  If you are we can help.

Instead of jumping to over 20 different travel sites and entering your travel dates and destinations on each site why not use the “TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE” at BestTravelCoupon.com?

It’s A No-Brainer…

With our site you can instantly search 100s of different travel sites for cheap flights and great hotel deals.  It’s proven to work.  It will save not only time for you (and based on the Google research it saves A LOT OF TIME) but it will also save money too.

Check out this example of a Hotel Search in Las Vegas:

  You can see the results…BestTravelCoupon posts the lowest rates.


Save Time AND Money…


Avoid wasting your time searching 20+ travel sites.  The best way to find your travel deals is right here.  Let us search and find it for you.

It really comes down to this…

What makes more sense:

1. Spending your time jumping from travel site to travel site?

2. Allowing our “Travel Search Engine” to do all the work for you by searching the best travel sites in the world?


Like we say….it’s a no brainer.

Do you own search and try it…you’ll be glad you did…


Do you want to see the best rates on airfare and get yourself a cheap flight?   Just click the link below:



One More Thing…

Don’t you just hate how the travel sites do NOT show you the total price when searching for a hotel rate?

Almost every site out there does this:  They show you a “Nightly Rate” but will not show you the total cost (which includes their hidden fees) until you click through a few pages to see it.

One of the best things about our site here at BestTravelCoupon.com is we have eliminated this from your shopping experience.  When you search for a hotel (or flight) you see the total cost IMMEDIATELY.  If you search for a 5 night hotel and it says “$545″ on our site then this is the exact about you will pay to book.

It’s another benefit of using our site…(along with all of that other time and money saving we do for you).


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