Giants Football: 3 Reasons For Excitement in 2012

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Yes…this is a travel website…if you need a flight or hotel check us out because we consistently crush,, and others on price.

But we also love football here…in particular we love New York Giants football.

Here are 3 reasons for Giant football fans to be excited about the upcoming season.   Since this is a travel website, we also posted the Giants road schedule with direct links to discount hotels for every road game for traveling Giant fans.

Reason 1: Improvement On The Defensive Line

You win in the NFL by loading up with talent at the 2 most important aspects of the game.   Of course one of those “aspects” is QB.  The other one? It’s all about the DL and getting to the other guy’s QB.  Sharp moves at DL (and some luck such as Philadelphia trading up and drafting DE Brandon Graham instead of DE Jason Pierre-Paul) is where Giants GM Jerry Reese has scored and separated his team from the rest of the NFC East.  He’s invested a lot in the Giants DL and it has paid off for them.

In 2011, the Giants defensive line was easily one of the top 5 units in the NFL. I’d argue they had the #1 defensive line in the NFL because of the meteoric rise of Jason Pierre-Paul(JPP) and the late season pass rushing exploits of Osi Umenyiora.   So, you may be asking,  how can we possibly see much of an improvement from this unit?  Well….It comes from:

1. Linval Joseph DT -  This 3rd year player is just scratching the surface.  We saw a big jump in his play in the 2nd half of last year and throughout the playoffs.  Entering his 3nd year in the league,  Lindy’s Sports ranked Joseph as the #14 DT in the entire NFL.   Casual fans don’t know him.  True Giant fans certainly do.  This is a player.  A player poised to improve on a very impressive 2nd year in the NFL.

2. JPP (Jason Pierre Paul)- Everybody gushes about his pass rushing skills.  And they should because he was a nightmare for QBs last year but I want to comment on his stellar run defense.   The guy is a rock in the run game who consistently controls and dominates NFL offensive lineman in this part of the game.  His outstanding play vs the run started early in 2011. In game 1 of last year, he completely dominated Washington OT Trent Williams (top 5 draft pick).  Play after play he drove Williams 2…3…4…yards back on running plays.  This type of dominating play was there all year.  Steady & tough play vs the run.  Big time stops at crucial stages of important games and consistent penetration vs the run. In my opinion, JPP was the best defensive lineman in football last year.  A few guys had more sacks.  But nobody plays the run like this guy.  And he’ll only get better in year 3.

3. Marvin Austin DT – 2nd round pick in 2011.  Did not see one play because of preseason injury last year.  In 2012, look for Austin to provide DT depth and an inside pass rush.  He’s extremely explosive. Very quick with outstanding lateral movement for a 300lb DT. With so much attention going to the edges because of the Giants pass rushing DEs, Austin will get the opportunity to work inside.  He’s got “Warren Sapp-like quickness and overall athletic ability”.   If he’s healthy, he will be a force.  I believe in Austin.  I believe he can and will be the “JPP of defensive tackles”.

Sidenote: Keep an eye on Justin Trattou to give the team some DE depth.  He’ll replace the departed Dave Tollefson.  Trattou has something.  You can see the burst off the ball.   He may be a bit undersized but he can get some QB pressure.


Reason 2: Speed Upgrade On Offense From The Rookies

I’m only going to focus on 2 of the rookies.

First round pick RB David Wilson. How will he help in 2012? I expect the Giants to use him in a lot of different ways (similar to how Baltimore uses Ray Rice in the pass game).  They’ll move him around.  Put him in the slot.  Design plays to get him the ball on short passes in space.  And just let his speed and quickness take over.  I also think they will play him along side Bradshaw.  Look for some movement out of a 2 RB set with Bradshaw staying in to block and the Giants moving Wilson around to find matchup advantages.

Wilson has a unique skillset.  Look for the Giants to get creative and get the ball in his hands early and often in the pass game.

4th round pick TE Adrien Robinson.  One thing missing from the Giants offense last year was a deep threat at the TE position.  A guy who could threaten NFL safeties and CBs on deep seam and corner routes.  The Giants may have found one with Robinson.  He was underutilized in college.  But very few men can match up to his impressive athletic skills and speed.  With the injuries the Giants had at TE with the loss of starter Ballard and backup Beckum, Robinson will have a chance to shine early.  He’ll give the Giants something they haven’t had in a while at TE.


Reason 3: Eli is Elite

In the NFL, if you have a great QB then you have most of what you need to compete.  The Giants certainly have one.

At worst, Eli was the 4th best QB in the NFL last year.  His play in 2011 was better than ever before and the impressive thing is he did it with a revolving door at RB, WR and OL because of a string of injuries.  Eli is in his prime and coming off his best year.  The Giants have added several new options in the pass game including 2 weapons he hasn’t had in the NFL.  A true homerun breakaway threat at RB in Wilson, and a real matchup advantage with speed at TE in Robinson. ( OK…he had TE Shockey but that was early in his career.)

So that’s it…there’s more such as the return of CB Terrell Thomas, growth of WR Victor Cruz, the addition of LB Keith Rivers…but these are my 3 reasons to be excited for Giants Football in 2012.

Now how about that brutal road schedule:

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