Google Hotel Finder Review: How Does It Measure Up?

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Google hotel finder is now at the top of all Google searches for hotels and hotel deals.   The questions are:

1. How does it measure up on price?

2. How do you rate the search functions and usability?

I’ll start with the usability of this hotel search.  I give it low grades because viewing of hotels and sorting them is not easy.  After a search you only see 3 hotels listed in a small window on the right.   I’d certainly want to see more options especially when viewing hotel in cities with hundreds of options.  Sorting by name is not available either.  If you’re looking for a good price on one hotel it isn’t easy.

A bigger problem is price.  Yes…price is an issue!

Check Out This Price Comparison:

We did a 5 hotel price challenge with BestTravelCoupon vs Google.  And we beat them on price each time.   For Miami hotel deals you can see is the website to use.


Here are the results of the searches(with screenshots) below.

We search for a hotel for 5 nights in Miami.  Dates: Sept 6-Sept 11, 2012.


Hotel 1: Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach

Google:   5 nights:  $1465     BestTravelCoupon:   5 nights:  $1270


Hotel 2: Riviera Suites South Beach

Google:  $1220       BestTravelCoupon:  $1116


Hotel 3:  Hotel Victor

Google: $1202     BestTravelCoupon:  $1073


Hotel 4:  Lowes Miami Beach Hotel

Google:  $1290       BestTravelCoupon: $979


Hotel 5:  Beacon Hotel Miami Beach

Google: $1060       BestTravelCoupon:  $779


We Beat Google!

As you can see, Google lost the price comparison with  Google search is mostly limited to Expedia and Priceline while searches more travel sites and has a larger inventory of hotel deals.  The results?  For the best prices, more hotel options, and a much better viewing experience the winner is

Here are some of the screenshots from the price comparison:

Miami Hotel Deals Here



Hotel 2:  Riviera South Beach

Click For Miami Hotel Deals



Hotel 3: Hotel Victor

BestTravelCoupon Has The Best Deals In Miami


We checked many more.  In some cases the Google Hotel Finder was able to match the price at BestTravelCoupon.  But in most cases… offered more room options and lower rates at every Miami Hotel.

The evidence is crystal clear.  The edge in this price comparison goes to

Try it yourself with the link below.  Check for hotel deals or discount flights and match it up with ANY travel site out there.  We are not limited to only Miami Hotels.  Our site has over 2,000,000 hotel deals waiting for you.   We’re also great on flights too.

The results show you’ll get better pricing, more hotel options, and a much better viewing experience at


Do Your Own Search?

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