How To Avoid Price Fixing With Hotels?

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Are the large online travel sites conspiring to fix hotel prices?

There has been a legal battle about this in England for 2 years.  In August 2012, it became a legal battle in the USA too.

A lawsuit was filed in a U.S. District Court in California that alleges several large hotel chains (including Hilton, Sheraton, and many more) conspired with Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, among others, to fix hotel prices across the country.

For the consumer?  Is there anything you can do to avoid it?

The answer is…YES!  It’s actually very easy to do.  Just use a hotel search engine that posts rates from 100s of different travel sites.


How To Avoid Price Fixing…

It’s actually very easy to avoid “hotel price fixing”.  Just use a “hotel search engine” that searches the smaller travel sites.  This will offer you more options on hotel bookings (not to mention lower rates).

Let me explain…

We do a lot of price comparisons with the hotel search function at and compare it with the large travel sites.  What we have found is many searches results in similar prices at the top travel sites.  It may or may not be price fixing but these large sites such as Orbitz and Hotwire often post the same rates for hotels.

And then there are the smaller travel booking sites…

The “hotel search engine” at searches the large sites but also many small travel sites.  After the search our website simply posts the lowest rates regardless of the travel site.  Users can then sort the travel options by hotel, ratings, price, location, or guest reviews.  The user sees more options, has rates available from sites NOT involved in the “hotel price fixing” lawsuit.

In other words…you don’t have to worry about getting stiffed on a hotel because of some back room agreement to fix rates.


Does It Work?

Will it work for you and deliver the lowest rates?  This is the big question, right?

We have run the price comparisons.  You can see them on our site.  Just click “Proven Results” and you’ll see plenty.

Or just run your own price comparison.  What you will see is our site will pull up more hotel options, better rates, and help you to aoid any type of hotel price fixing.    It’s easy.  Just click the link below to go to our search page:




An Example Of Price Fixing?

Here is a screenshot of one our price comparisons.  Here you can see the similar prices from Priceline and Expedia on 3 of the hotels.   Our website provides different rates because we also search 100s of smaller travel sites and hotel booking websites.  We simply pull up the lowest rates.  If the lowest rate is on Expedia or Priceline then we post it.  However, it is often one of the smaller sites that posts the lowest rates.

This table below shows the search results with 5 different Las Vegas hotels:

  Hotel Name Price On Hotel Site
1 The Bellagio $1,633 $1,682  $1,681  $1,656 Only $1,480
2           Cosmopolitan of          Las Vegas $1,741 $1,737 $1,742 $1,717 Only $1,174

The Venetian

$1,393 $1,611 $1,403 $1,392 Only $1,086
4 Four Seasons $1,628 $1,629 $1,494 Does Not List This Hotel Only $1,291
5 MGM Grand $1,075 $1,024 $1,018 $1,012 Only $693

 (To see more from this price comparisons just click here: Las Vegas Price Comparison)


What Should You Do?

Well…how about a few things:

  1. Bookmark our site at and use it to compare prices for Hotels & Flights.
  2. Go to our Facebook page and “Like” us to stay in the loop for travel deals.
  3. Tell your friends about us…let them know there is a better option for booking online travel.
Here Are The Links You Need: (Do Your Own Comparisons Right Here)
Our Flight Search:  Click For Flight Search Engine


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