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Are you a fan of Gordon Ramsey?  His new show called “Hotel Hell” made a visit to The Keating Hotel in San Diego.

Apparently Ramsey did good work because I talked with a young couple who stayed there recently. These recent guests of the hotel are young party types who like the nightlife and they seemed to love the look of the place and “Amsterdam Experience” at The Keating Hotel.

For more…you can also see reviews from over 300 guests who stayed at the hotel here: Keating Hotel Reviews.

Learn How To Save 40% & More

Below we show you how to save 40% and more on any hotel. Be sure to check out the screenshots below and the price comparisons. But first…back to The Keating Hotel.

The Keating Hotel is described on their website as “the first true luxury boutique hotel in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp District. This historic property was crafted by Pininfarina, designers of Ferrari and Maserati, and recently underwent a make-over with famous TV Chef and Hotelier Gordon Ramsay.

The location of the hotel was always a plus.  It’s right there in the heart of the Gaslamp District in San Diego and walking distance to the best nightlife and entertainment.

What About Rates?

They have standard rooms that may cost you $200-$300/night.  They also have junior suites and one bedroom suites with separate living areas with rates of over $700/night.

Our hotel search engine at searches several discount travel sites that post rates for The Keating Hotel and it provides an easy way for you to see the lowest rates for this hotel (or any other hotel in San Diego or any location).

Check out the screenshots of a search on our website and a search on the Keating site.

First…the rates on the Keating….and then see the savings on



Search on our site at  Same dates.  Same room.  We searched on August 27, 2012 for a 4 night stay in September.  We searched the same exact dates.  Here is our price for the same room.

Cost at hotel site:  $1,071.   Cost at  Only $853 

Here is the screenshot from the search:



How Do We Do It?

Our site is a “Travel Search Engine”.  It searches hundreds of travel sites and posts the lowest rates on both hotels and flights.  It works for small boutique type hotels such as The Keating Hotel in San Diego.

It works for all types of hotels in San Diego including large chains, inexpensive motels, and high end 5 star hotels.

All you have to do is enter your travel dates and locations.  We’ll instantly search all of the travel sites and post the lowest rates for you.  It’s that easy.


Not JUST San Diego….

It works in any location.  Our search results consistently beat the lowest rates on well known travel sites such as Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline.  If these sites have the lowest rates we let you know about it.  But…often times it’s the smaller sites that run specials that beat the rates of not only these large travel sites but also the rates on the hotel websites.

This is what happened with our search of The Keating Hotel in San Diego.  One of our smaller travel sites had a special rate that easily beat the lowest rates on Expedia and the hotel website at


Here Is The Proof…

You can run your own price comparisons with any website and you’ll see the results we deliver.

We also did many tests for you.  Just click on “PROVEN RESULTS” and you’ll see plenty.

I like to show off the results in Las Vegas:  Check them here:   CLICK FOR LAS VEGAS HOTEL DEALS


Here are more:


HOTEL RATES: Price Comparison With Orbitz: Orbitz 100% Higher On Same Hotels!


HOTEL RATES: Price Comparison with Kayak, Priceline & 3 Other Travel Sites


Do Your Own Search Here

Check out how it works.  Just click below and enter your dates.  Then…we’ll pull up the best hotel deals for you.

Click Here For Hotel Search In San Diego

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