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Click For London HotelsIn this post you’ll see an excellent example of how to save on a London hotel.

Many people use to book hotels. It’s a well known travel site. They spend a lot on advertising. However, is it the best site for you to find a deal on a London hotel?

BestTravelCoupon has a larger inventory of rooms, we offer more hotels, more rooms, and, most importantly, we consistently beat on price.  (Check Table Below: Save Over 50%!)

The best way for you to find a London Hotel Deal? Trust us…Just do a search on has an enormous inventory of hotel deals in London.  In fact, you’ll see over 1800 Hotels in London are available for you.  We also search 100s of different sites and post the lowest rates on these London hotels.

Getting your hotel deal is easy if you use the right website.  At, just enter your dates and click a button. We take over from there and post the lowest prices.

Just try it…you’ll love it….

Or maybe you need some proof of these claims of low priced hotel deals?   Is that it?

If you need some proof, just check out this Head-to-Head price comparison we did with The results are clear? beat Expedia by a WIDE MARGIN.

In June of 2012, we did a comparison for London hotel deals.  We entered dates for a 7 day stay in London from June 20 – 27.   You can see that had much better pricing.  (We also offered more hotels than Expedia. has over 1800 London hotels while Expedia only has 1000.)

Here is a table of our search results:


   London Hotel & Stars   …And…The Winner              Is…. Get Your London Hotel Deals Here
1 The Kensington Hotel

5 Stars

$2,708 $1,790    BestTravelCoupon byclose to $1000 Click For The Kensington Hotel
2 Courthouse DoubleTree By Hilton5 Stars $4,320 $2,133 BestTravelCoupon byover $2200 Save Big – Double Tree By Hilton

Ascot Mayfair

              4.5 Stars

$4,202 $3,473 BestTravelCoupon byclose to $800 Check Ascot Mayfair – London
4 Hotel Russell

4 Stars

$3,142 $1,694 BestTravelCoupon byalmost $1500 Hotel Russell Information & Rooms
5 London Elizabeth Hotel

3 Stars

$2,024 $1,822 BestTravelCoupon byover $200 London Elizabeth Hotel – Discount


Using BestTravelCoupon to book your hotel, save time, and getting the lowest price is easy.

Just click the link below and enter your dates. We’ll find the hotel you want at the lowest possible price.

Click here for your hotel search in London


You can also search for hotels in any other location

Click here for our hotel search

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