More Proof? We Beat Them By 80% In Vegas!

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How about some proof we can deliver GREAT DEALS on Hotels?

I’m going to Las Vegas in June and my wife wanted to stay at a one of the better hotels in Vegas.

My first stop, on May 24 2012, was our site at It’s easy to search and then sort by reviews and star ratings.

I quickly found a deal at Trump’s 5 star hotel.  I then searched around and compared.   What I found is the price from was more than a deal….IT’S A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!

Check out the rates from different sites & screenshots of the real search results.

Price Comparison Below:

The cost for 2 nights at Trump from June 1, 2012 to June 3, 2012:

BestTravelCoupon:  Only $322

Everybody Else: Over $500!!!!

So how do we do it?  We search more sites then anybody else!  It’s that simple. Our service checks the top sites but we also check many more…and the smaller websites often beat the most popular travel sites. When these smaller sites have the best price…this is what we show you on our site. It really is a terrific search engine to help you save money on your travel, air, and lodging.


HERE IS THE SCREENSHOT FROM OUR SITE: (Search date: May 24, 2012)

Proven Results!


That is a total price of only $322. That price included the taxes too. Keep that in mind as we check the other websites for prices on the same room, same date, same hotel.


For my first comparison,  I went directly to the Trump website for a price.  The cost for the same room was much higher.   The cost? 80% Higher for the same room and same nights.


Below you can check out Orbtiz at over $500!


Expedia & Priceline also at $519-$524. Here is the Expedia screenshot:


I checked CheapTickets, Kayak,, and Travelocity too. None of them came close to the $322 price from

And yes…I just booked it at only $322. I’ll be at the Trump Hotel in Vegas on June 1-3!

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