New Travel Search Engine Whips Google!

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No too long ago had an article called “The best flight search tool you’ve never heard of”. In this article they gave the link to a search engine Google purchased for $700 million. The article says this search engine “supplies everyone from Bing to Orbitz to Kayak with all of their flight info”.

The search engine in the article is from ITA Software:

So I thought…

Let’s test it vs BestTravelCoupon on a flight!

I did a test on June 2, 2012. I choose a flight from Los Angeles to Miami.

The results? BestTravelCoupon wins again! Check out the details and screenshots below:

Cost On This “Google Search Engine”: $408
Cost On Only $386

In this first screenshot I have the results from the other site:



After I saw this price I immediately went to and search the same dates and destination. We came in at only $386.

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