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Recent News: NY Times Writer Seth Kugel (“Frugal Traveler”) recently wrote this about BestTravelCoupon.com:

“…appears to search more sites than Kayak and thus sometimes finds lower prices. I did a search for Seattle in September and it did get me a slightly lower price than Kayak’s best…”

This was posted in the NY Times on August 18, 2014.

The writer for this article is the well-known Seth Kugel.  He appears on Good Morning America and writes a regular money-saving travel article for the NY Times

The only thing we disagree about is the “slightly lower price” part of that quote.   The truth is we often beat Kayak.com by a significant margin.  In some cases you can find hotels at 20-40% lower on our site.  This…to us…is not “slightly lower”.

We have examples to back it up….

And…you can do your own comparison to see the difference.

Shortly after the NY Times article was published, the travel review site called Travel-Search-Engines.com rated us the #1 travel booking site of 2014.  We were also  awarded this honor in 2013.

In this article, Travel-Search-Engines.com rated our website based on a rate comparison with other travel sites such as Kayak.com.  In our comparison with Kayak, there were 30 rate comparisons made and BestTravelCoupon.com had the lowest rates on 28 out of 30 searches.  On the other 2?  Both sites had the same rates.

In the article we link below we have the complete rate comparison with all rates listed.  You can see the difference between the rates found on Kayak and the lower rates found on BestTravelCoupon are often significant.

 In this 15 hotel rate comparison above, we beat Kayak on 100% of searches.   In the article, you’ll see another 15 hotel rate comparison.   There was a total of 30 rates compared.  This rate comparison was completed in August 2014.  The results lead to Travel-Search-Engines.com naming BestTravelCoupon.com as the #1 travel booking website of 2014.

How To Find The Lowest Hotel Rates?

This short video shows you exactly how to find “4 star hotels at 2 star prices“.  It works in any city.  Check out the video below for more:

This video will show you how to quickly find the best hotel rates in any city in the world!


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