Orlando Hotel Deals: Peabody Hotel Orlando

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One of the best hotel deals in Orlando can be found at the Peabody Hotel In Orlando.

It’s a 4 star hotel that can be booked on our site for a fantastic rate(think 2-3 star price).  The hotel comes with a stunning and very large pool, golf course, great location, and plenty of views (panoramic city, park and pool views).

How about price?

Well…how about a price comparison from some of the online travel booking sites?

We did a hotel search in Orlando on 1/3/2013.  We checked rates on several websites for a 2 night stay on May 8-10, 2013.

The rates from the Peabody ranged from $130 a night on some websites (BestTravelCoupon.com) to over $300/night (Orbitz, Expedia, & Kayak).

Below we have the actual screenshots from the search results. You will see that one site (Take A Guess!) beats the others by well over 150% (Save $348 on a 2 night stay).

To do your own search for Orlando Hotel Deals just do this: CLICK HERE FOR ORLANDO HOTEL DEALS


Hotel Price Comparison: Orlando, FL – Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, & BestTravelCoupon.com

Here is the screenshot from the search results on BestTravelCoupon.com:


We also searched the same dates on Kayak.com.  Below you can see the actual results:


Below you can see the same search on Orbitz.com  The rates one Orbitz were over $305/night:

And finally…

On Expedia.com you can see the rates below at about $304/night


What you see is BestTravelCoupon.com beat the competition by over well over 150%!

The rates at the 4 star Peabody Hotel In Orlando were only $130/night on BestTravelCoupon.com as opposed to over $300/night on Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak.

This is just one example.  For more price comparisons visit our “PROVEN RESULTS” link and see plenty of hotel and flight price comparisons with all of the largest travel booking websites.

Our suggestion to finding a great hotel and flight?  

Start your search on BestTravelCoupon.com.  Allow us to search over 100 different travel sites for you.  After that…compare our lowest rates to any of your travel websites.  Trust us…you’ll be impressed with the results.

If you’re thinking of visiting Orlando please use our Orlando Hotel Deal Page.


For more information on things to do in Orlando (outside of Disney)?

The NY Times recently posted an article on the city of Orlando and things to do outside of Disney.




Who Is BestTravelCoupon.com?

BestTravelCoupon.com is a travel search engine that allows users to instantly search over 100 different travel sites for the lowest rates on hotels and flights.  We use a different search tool then well known travel sites such as Kayak.  The results?  We pull up more room options, more flights, and lower rates.

Orlando Hotel Deals









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