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Is BestTravelCoupon.com the best site for hotel deals?  This 2013 rate comparison should convince you.

In February 2013, the travel search engine review site at Travel-Search-Engines.com ran a hotel rate comparison with our site and Kayak.com.

The comparison consisted of 90 hotels in 6 cities.  They searched both sites on the same day and compared rates. According to the final results, BestTravelCoupon.com beat Kayak.com on 72 of 90 searches.  Kayak.com beat our site on only 5 of 90 searches.  The remaining searches posted the same rates on both sites.

Here is a summary of results:

Best Website For Hotel Deals

The rate comparison covered 15 hotels in these 6 cities:  Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Portland, and San Diego.

Here is the complete report:


Travel-Search-Engines.com has BestTravelCoupon.com listed as the #1 “Travel Search Engine” for hotel deals.   This site reviews travel search engines such as BestTravelCoupon.com and other travel booking sites such as Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Orbitz, and more.

See a review of BestTravelCoupon.com and more rate comparisons here:
Click For Review Of BestTravelCoupon.com


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