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Attention Travel Writers!

Are your readers interested in saving time and money?  If they are then we have something for you to pass on to your readers that will certainly help them save time and money on their travel.

Tell your readers about the best travel booking service in the world.

What is it?    Tell them about the travel booking website (and app) at   Our site and app allows users to instantly search 100s of travel sites with 1 click.  Think Kayak but better.  How is it better?  It all comes down to providing the lowest rates.  Our service routinely beats Kayak.

You Can’t Argue With These Numbers Below…

In 180 head-to-head rate comparisons, Kayak and Priceline combined to beat on only 5 out of 180 searches.

To see the full report of the 2013 rate comparisons visit:

Here is a snap shot of the results from these 2013 rate comparisons:

Need More?

See below to help explain why our travel search engine website and app is the best travel booking option for your readers.

Main benefit to users of our site and app?  Save time and money.

In 2012, Google research announced the average travel shopper visits over 10 different travel sites and spends over 2 hours of time before booking.

Instead of bouncing around to several different travel booking options to search and compare we can do it all for the user with 1 click.  Among the sites we search including Expedia, Travelocity,,, Ebookers, Agoda, Vayama, Venere, OneTravel, Otels,,, GetARoom,,  and many more.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to find the lowest rates in travel.

Another important and time saving feature:
1) Our hotel results instantly post the “TOTAL COST” including any taxes and fees.  Unlike Priceline (and just about every other travel booking site/app) where they require clicking 1-3 pages (and in some cases, such as Priceline, you have to enter info such as name) before seeing the “TOTAL COST”.  Our site and app instantly posts the total cost of each site we search which makes comparing the true cost much easier and faster.

Additional features with our app and travel site at are:
1) It works as a “Travel Search Engine” allowing users to instantly search 100s of sites.
2) We search more sites than any other travel app or site.
3) We consistently beat the rates on Kayak, Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity,, and Hipmunk.
4) New “Hotels For Tonight” feature on our app allows users to save even more on same day booking deals.

Our site:
Our app on Google Play:


If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you,

The Team At…


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