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If you use Travelocity then you should know…our site consistently beats Travelocity on price.

How does it work? We are a “TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE” which means we simply search more travel sites and provide more hotel options and lower prices than Travelocity. Try it and you’ll see the results.

Please Try It Right Here…

Do You Want To See The Proof?

Below you will find a good example of how we beat the most “well-established” travel sites.

We have run many tests. Our tests consist of hotel searches on the exact same dates and locations. Since we search more sites we offer more options and better rates. It’s really that simple.

For this search we went to Seattle for a 5 night hotel stay for theses dates: October 15-20, 2012. We conducted the search on August 10, 2012. Results and screenshots below.

  1. Grand Hyatt Seattle: Travelocity: $1,722    BestTravelCoupon: $1204
  2. The Westin Seattle: Travelocity: $1281    BestTravelCoupon: $1153
  3. Pan Pacific Seattle: Travelocity: $1506    BestTravelCoupon: $1146
  4. Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown: Travelocity: $1,040    BestTravelCoupon: $730
  5. Best Western Plus Executive Inn: Travelocity: $814    BestTravelCoupon: $512

As you can see the difference in hotel rates can be substantially lower when using our Hotel Search Tool at

Important Note On Price:

If you do your own comparison be sure to check the final booking price.  The reason this is important is posts the TOTAL COST for your rooms while Travelocity will post a nightly rate but then add an additional fee called “Tax Recovery Charge & Service Fees”.   This fee can increase your total cost by over 20% when booking on Travelocity.

The fee is explained here:,6735,CJUS:EN,00.html

Travelocity charges an additional fee to normal hotel charges which they explain as “a Processing Service Fee that we retain to compensate us for processing your travel reservation through our system”.  

For example the nightly rate at Travelocity was posted as only $140 for the Best Western.  However, the additional fees added another $115 to the bill which is close to another $25/night.  The total was $814 at Travelocity.  When you search on BestTravelCoupon we just give you the total cost.  For the Best Western our posted price was only $512 which included everything for your hotel booking.

To look for more deals in Seattle or any other location: Click Here For BestTravelCoupon Hotel Search


One Last Thing…

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